Japan Focuses Readers On Disaster Preparations

Anyone who isn’t “rethinking” disaster preparedness isn’t paying attention. There is a lot we can learn from this tragedy. First, we could face more than one disaster “event” at a time. Are you compared for an earthquake, followed by a tsunami, combined with massive power outage in threat of a major radiation leak? We talk about three days without help, but that is hardly adequate for an event like this one. Yes, we could face similar massive impact from a quake on the Hayward fault, which some say is due.

  • Will you be able to contact family?
  • Is your business ready to serve the needs of your customers without power, police or other services?
  • Do you, your employees, and your family have agreed to plan for rendezvous, notification and next steps?
  • Do you have contact information for your suppliers if your computers are down?

Question: has Japan’s devastating tsunami caused you to rethink your debt disaster preparedness?

We’ve always been slightly prepared, but this just remind us to update our suppliers and make sure nothing expired on the stuff we had.

It hasn’t caused me to rethink my plans but it would be good to remind everyone to keep at least the following in a safe location, not in your basement: enough water for three days-1 gallon per person per day for drinking and cooking. Enough dried and/or canned fruit for three days-don’t forget your pets, too. Enough cash for a week-electronic economy will be shipped in shambles. Dust mask-look at all the photos of people in Japan. Heavy boots-broken glass and twisted metal can be everywhere. A crescent wrench-to turn off your natural gas.


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