HIPPA requires all health care organizations to be able to stay operational during any emergency and any disaster. They are required to have alternate facilites in place so that emergency care can continue seemlessly in event of a natural, manmade or any type of disaster or emergency. Is your health care facility ready? Most health care places do have some business continuity, that being safety and IT, however most lack the instructions of what to do immediately after an emergency. That is where Galena Property Services comes into place, we are the experts in the field of disaster planning and recover. We have successfully completed Business Continuation Plans for several departments within Washoe County in the State of Nevada and now have been contracted to provide assistance to complete the Washoe County District Health Department Continuity of Operations Plan. Through the Health Department we have also been contracted to develop a work shop for the health facilities with Washoe County. The workshop will be given during July of this year with the hopes of providing the necessary information for all health care facilities to take their Business Continuity Plans to completion.

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