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Being Prepared and Ready

Disaster Preparedness:  In the wake of the Napa earthquake are you prepared to take action.  Is your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) up to date, better yet does your company have a Business Continuity Plan. One of our clients in the Napa region was ready and activated their plan shortly after the earthquake.  A magnitude 6.0 tremor is large enough to cause major damage near the epicenter and serious damage several miles from the epicenter.  Our client went into action and this triggered them to activate their department specific Mission Essential Functions (MEF’s).  By having mitigation measures and a plan in place they were able to resume operational the next day with minimal interruptions.  Is your company ready, do you have a Business Continuity Plan in place?  Do your vendors have a BCP in place?  You may be operational but if you can’t get supplies because your vendors can’t function this could seriously affect your ability to stay operational.  It can make a difference whether your company stays operational (not business as usual) and in business versus being out of business because you were not prepared and your vendors were not prepared.

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