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Business Continuity TT&E

Galena Property Services has been awarded a contract from Washoe County Emergency Management to test, train and complete Tabletop exercises (TT&E) for all Washoe county Departments on the Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP), government calls it COOP (private business calls it Business Continuity) ¬†that have been completed during the 2011 calendar year. These exercises will train the departments on how to execute their plans in the event of an emergency. It will test their knowledge on how to activate their COOP and where to relocate to continue to operate not as usual but on an emergency basis but to continue to service the county residents. These TT&E’s are ongoing from December 2011 through February 2012. ¬†Whether you test and train for COOP or Business Continuity Plans it is all important to keep your business or organization operational.

Flooding/Is your business ready?

Will you be able to continue to work in your business/facility/office if a flood hits your area. Are you prone to flooding, if so, then be proactive and have a plan in place. This is where Galena Property Services can be of help. We specialize in Business Continuity Planning. Plans have been developed for government and private organizations and they can and will be operational after an emergency or disaster.fernley flood movie

Wildfire/Are you prepared??


Health Care Facilities Alternate Sites

Galena Property Services continues to be involved with area health districts and hospitals to develop evacuation plans and alternate care sites. Galena has also proposed to develop Table Top exercises for county departments in Western Nevada.

In July of this year (2011) Galena Property Services engaged the Washoe County Health Department in a Tabletop Exercise to test their Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP). This was a soft table top where all department heads gathered in one location and given a emergency or disaster that affected their facility. The Tabletop took the departments through their paces on what to do and where to relocate to their alternate work locations and how to implement their COOP. After Actions Report revealed strong points as well as weaknesses that will help further enhance their COOP. The Table Top was well received by all departments and suggested this be done at least on a semi annual basis.

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