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Galena Property Services (GPS) was contracted the the City of North Las Vegas to develop all city department Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP).  GPS worked with each department gathering vital information on how each department would stay operational after an emergency or disaster.  All the information gathered was formatted for each of the 15 city departments. Final copies were delivered in June 2017.  An training and exercise was held for department participants in June to review, test and train the participants on what, how and when to activate during an emergency or disaster


Galena Property Services (GPS) has completed a four (4) month long project entitled Alternate Cars Facilities  for Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing facilities in the greater Reno/Sparks, Nevada region.  The project looked at small, medium and large facilities ranging from 10-15 beds up to 150 beds.  GPS toured each facility then wrote their plan based on their needs on where to relocate (Alternate Care Facility) during an emergency or disaster.  Plans delivered were hard copies as well as electronically so the facility if necessary can access their plan from any location.  A “Grab & Go” sheet with critical information for the facility was developed for each alternate care facility.

Flooding/Is your business ready?

Will you be able to continue to work in your business/facility/office if a flood hits your area. Are you prone to flooding, if so, then be proactive and have a plan in place. This is where Galena Property Services can be of help. We specialize in Business Continuity Planning. Plans have been developed for government and private organizations and they can and will be operational after an emergency or disaster.fernley flood movie

Wildfire/Are you prepared??


Health Care Facilities Alternate Sites

Galena Property Services continues to be involved with area health districts and hospitals to develop evacuation plans and alternate care sites. Galena has also proposed to develop Table Top exercises for county departments in Western Nevada.

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