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Do you have a Business Continuity Plan in place?  After several major natural disasters in 2012 we are into another calendar year.  Most likely their will be more natural disasters as well as man made emergencies and disasters.  Will organizations and companies be ready?  Already a lot of complacency has set in after Super Storm Sandy and the need for comprehensive Business Continuity Planning.  Usually it is the same answer from the corporate office, will it make us a profit?  The answer the “YES” if you take the steps now to budget a little money to save the company potentially a lot of money down the road.  One hour of down time whether it is scheduled and especially if it is unscheduled (power outage) can cost even small companies several thousands of dollars per hour.  Just think it the outage lasted an entire day!  Business Continuity Plans (BCP) are inexpensive compared to the alternative, business shut down for an unknown period of time, costing the company thousands of dollars and possibly clients that rely on the company.  Clients usually end up going elsewhere.  We are currently completing a Business Continuity Plan for a local private company in our area, at lease they get it and the necessity of having a BCP in place.

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