WHY do you need a Business Continuity Plan?

WHO needs one?

WHAT is Business Continuity Planning?

HOW should you respond to emergencies?

Business Continuity Plans (BCP) need to be in place when unanticipated events  occur and upset the balance of work and affect profitability. Galena Property Services will help you prepare so you can quickly return to normal operations. We make this happen by developing and enhancing your Business Continuity and the plans associated with BCP, will keep employees connected to the information required for them to get the job done.

At the end of the day Galena Property Services will work with you to develop an Incident Management Plan that guides the executive team through unplanned disruptions. Senior management has their finger on the pulse of what makes your company tick, and these are the individuals Galena Property Services will work with to identify business priorities and mission-critical functions

Business Continuity Plan (BCP), government calls it Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) is “planning which identifies the organization’s exposure to internal and external threats and analyses hard and soft assets to provide effective prevention and recovery for the organization, whilst maintaining competitive advantage and value system integrity” (Wikipedia). BCP is technically a set of documents on how to keep your business operating in the event of disasters including: floods, fires, earthquakes, snowstorms, tornadoes, lightning strikes, cyber attack, etc. BCP and COOP revolves around the people and the processes.

Lets focus on the positive of the “why” should you have a BCP;

  • First a business continuity/emergency preparedness plan helps a small business gain additional market share by increasing the ability to work within a vendor supply chain (think Federal and very large corporations), as well as re-opening more quickly after a disaster event.
  • Second, having a business continuity plan has started being a requirement of obtaining capital to grow a business.  Insurance agencies could provide, and some do, discounts for businesses that have a BCP.
  • Third, emergency plan is a requirement and an expectation of doing business.

It’s because of these reasons that Banks, Federal Credit Unions, Health Organizations and Private Companies providing data processing to Federal Agencies are required by law to have business continuity plans. With the major natural disasters, Super storm Sandy, Illinois tornadoes, Philippine typhoon, and recently the Texas flooding, very few business were and are prepared to recover after. This is where Galena Property Services can help your organization develop emergency plans to stay in operation and not go out of business.  It is estimated that 90% of private businesses have no business continuity plan of any type.

Galena Property Services will do a great job to assisting you with any aspect of your plans. See our list of current and past client and you will see we have vast experience in the private sector as well as government.  Creating such plans requires special skills and training that most companies do not have, so we will work to create one with you in-house. Large consulting firms usually assign junior people who are often trained in only one aspect of the plan such as information technology, safety or human relations. Few businesses understand all aspects of the Business Continuity  but Galena Property Services has the experience and expertise to accomplish all your Business Continuity goals. Business Continuity is a must to keep you operational no matter what the emergency or disaster.

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